STEAM Standards Support

Inspired by the Next Generation Science Standards1, the reference points that are bolded below can enhance your STEAM instruction.

Build observation and communication skills by hearing how authors and illustrators document, analyze, and share research.

  • Examine the discipline of daily journaling in Sy Montgomery's Meet-the-Author Movie as she shares how writing can be a struggle.

  • Consider the steps and perseverance the author relied on to share his research as you listen to this Meet-the-Author Recording for Nic Bishop Frogs.

  • Observe as Tom Angleberger demonstrates the steps needed to create your own Origami Yoda in this video tutorial.

  • Hear how author/illustrator Jason Chin makes “interesting discoveries” during his research process in this Meet-the-Author Recording for Grand Canyon.

Demonstrate the influence of engineering, technology, and science in our lives today.

  • Read as Steve Sheinkin describes his research and note-taking process as a "kind of detective work" in his Guest Author Blog Post discussing Bomb.

  • Listen to this Meet-the-Author Recording for All Thirteen as author Christina Soontornvat talks about the sciences—biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering—involved in this true rescue story.

  • Uncover the difference between guessing and extrapolation in this audiobook excerpt for Wonder Women of Science.

  • Invite readers to discover how “books can work to combat the stereotypes” often related to STEM careers with this Guest Author Blog Post by Laurie Wallmark.

Inspire and motivate using examples of creativity, problem solving, and innovation.

  • Ponder a lifetime of wonder and learning with Jennifer Berne's Meet-the-Author Recording for On a Beam of Light.

  • Spark student interest in the design process with this engineering design activity from Kirsten W. Larson, author of Wood, Wire, Wings.

  • Learn about the unique design and inspiration for new types of robots in this Meet-the-Author Recording for Zoobots by Helaine Becker.

  • Conduct aerodynamic experiments and learn more about Cherokee culture, language, and values with this teaching guide for Classified.

Deepen understanding and build background knowledge with content presented in diverse formats that blend disciplinary subjects.

  • Discover how interdisciplinary primary sources influence innovation with Tim Grove's Meet-the-Author Recording from First Flight Around the World.

  • Access this educational guide for Otis and Will Discover the Deep to provide cross-curricular instruction.

  • Nurture and inspire curiosity with this community read toolkit and video book trailer for Lab Girl by Hope Jahren.

  • Weave different disciplines together to extend understanding with this lesson plan for Team Moon by Catherine Thimmesh.

1. Referenced from "Get to Know the Standards." Next Generation Science Standards,